Smokey Eyes Online Course

During this online makeup course, you will learn from the comfort of your own home, how to do a sharp smokey eye in black and how to transform it into a festival look.
This course is suitable for beginners and profitable for existing makeup artists who want to refresh their skills.
It can be used as a personal guide to help you with your own makeup abilities.
Over the next 2.5 hours, you will learn step by step and afterwards see it on a model.

Content of the course:
3.Colour transition
4.Colour base
5.Under eye
6. Waterlines
11.Fake eyelashes
12.Colour base on a Model
13.First colour transition on a Model
14.Second colour transition and final look on a Model
15.Transformation of smokey eye to a festival look on a Model
16.Thank you

Why train with me?
I want to help teach you techniques and new skills as a professional makeup artist from the comfort of your own home. This would be cost effective for you in not having to worry about travelling.

You can see the online makeup course as many times as you wish, in your own time and wherever you are if you have internet connection.
Learn current tips and techniques from a professional makeup artist.
You can pamper your beloved ones by buying it as a gift.
Go back and redo any step you feel like, stop it when you need it to refresh your memory.
If you wish a more personalised course, book with me personally.

Terms and Conditions
This is a non refundable course
Cash is not accepted, the adquisition of the online course will only be online through the website via PayPal.

You’ll receive an email with exclusive access to my full online make-up course.

  • Price: £39,95 (Full Video Course, around 3 hours of content)